"Hymn of brith"

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Playing with a music box , real stars in the sky watched When someone was born from the point Where someone was born, in "Hymn of Birth”.

I make punch cards for paper music boxes. The cards represent the view of the heavens that could be observed at the time of someone’s birth. I punch small holes in the cards to match the position of the stars in the star chart. The holes make the music box make music! The title of this art work is "Hymn of Birth".

Please give me details of your own birth, or your best friend's or relative's. Even if they have passed away, you can still do this. And then I will make their "Hymn of Birth” card. You need to tell me three things: first name, date and time of birth, and place of birth. I look forward to creating this together.

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「誕生の讃歌 /  Hymn of birth」のデータ募集(無料)、および、オーダーメイドを受け付けています。




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Media Ambition Tokyo2020 

◾️日 時 2月28日(金)‐3月8日(日)、11:00-21:00

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